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Drop In Classes at Harbour Dance Centre

Drop in classes fit your schedule

Drop in classes are designed to let you choose when you want to dance and what class you want to take. View our schedule for details and see our many types of dance classes offered, below.

Progressive Workshops

If you want to focus on advancing your dancing skills, then try a progressive workshop. These are classes over 7 weeks where you progress each week with exercises, training and choreography. See our current progressive workshop schedule for more information.


Are you a new dance beginner?

try 3 classesIf you are new to dance classes, but are unsure about which class to sign up for, try our easy 3-class sampler. For only $30 you can try three one hour classes, and save 30%. See our 3-class saver page for more information...

try 3 classesWant to try some more intensive classes? Try our 3 for $40 promotion. Same deal, but for one and a half hour classes like Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and modern. See our 1.5hr promotion page for details.




try 3 classesHelps to build a strong base, clean technique and proper alignment, all of which are essential for any kind of dance. Barre exercises, combinations across the floor and adagio are taught to live piano accompaniment.

To take Ballet classes, see our BALLET schedule

See a video of our ballet classes here:




try 3 classesAlso considered commercial contemporary or contemporary jazz, these classes focus on a lead an follow warm-up with stretch, strength and release exercises followed by a choreography combination set to music that interprets the lyrics of a song or a concept. Depending on the instructor improvisation may be incorporated into the choreography.

See a video of our jazz classes click here:

To take Jazz classes, see our JAZZ schedule




try 3 classesBroadway Jazz is technical, classic jazz that emphasizes style and performance quality.  Also known as theatrical jazz, every step has purpose and meaning and the choreography typically involves a story line in order to give students the atmosphere of being in a company, performing in a show.  The style is Bob Fosse-based, performance-oriented, sharp and jazzy with music expanding beyond the typical Broadway genre.

To take Broadway Jazz classes, see our Broadway JAZZ schedule



Hola Chicas y Chicos! This is an open class focussing on rhythm technique, arms, footwork and choreography. Character shoes,

or any shoe with a heel will be sufficient. Linda will bring a few

pairs of Flamenco shoes to class to borrow... Hasta Pronto!

To take Flamenco classes, see our schedule





Street Jazz and Jazz Funk classes at Harbour Dance cover a wide range of styles: some are more hip hop-influenced and some are more rooted in jazz technique.

Typically, these classes blend hip-hop musicality and movement quality with jazz-y shapes."

Click here to watch a video of a Street Jazz class!

To take Street Jazz classes, see our Street JAZZ schedule



Get Fit.  Learn to Dance. Perform.  Leigh Torlage will show you the  
way.  As a former professional dancer, Leigh's performing credits  
include the movies Chicago and Bullets Over Broadway, the US and  
European tours of West Sides Story, TV shows, music videos and New York Cabaret.  Creator of the Cabaret Torlage shows and former owner of Maxine's Hideaway, Leigh's style has been described as "Pussycat Dolls meets Bob Fosse jazz numbers."  Leigh's classes are for all  women of all ages and all levels.  There is something for everyone.   
You will leave class feeling inspired, sexy and ready to take on the world! 
Student Performance at the end of each session at The Penthouse
(performing is optional).

See a video of the Rock N Roll Cabaret/Burlesque class here!



hip hop

try 3 classesA funky dance class filled with the latest popular dance steps and music that you'd see on Much Music or MTV.
(Please bring clean runners to class. Street shoes are not allowed)

To take Hip Hop classes, see our HIP HOP schedule





try 3 classesFinally, a refreshing new take on a dance program to bring out the flirtatiousness in you. Learn stylish moves inspired by the latest music videos. It is optional to slip on those shoes for a sassy, sexy, and seriously fun workout.

Click here to watch a video of what to expect in class!

To take Heels/Sexy Street Jazz classes, see our schedule





try 3 classesGrooving is a hip hop based class that teaches you musicality and the basic movements of hip hop without a lot of intricate choreography.  Great for beginners and those wanted to feel more comfortable with the movements. There is a lot of repetition of the steps so you get it in your body.  Great class!

To see a video of Grooving class click here!

To take Grooving classes, see our Grooving schedule



Bboying, commonly known as breakdancing, is the original dance style of hip hop.  Created in the early 70’s by inner city youth inhabiting the ghettos of the Bronx, NY, bboying has become an underground global phenomenon. Its a dynamic art-form of physical movement with foundations on toprock (2 step, apache, Brooklyn rock), footwork (6 step, 3 step, Russian taps), power moves (windmill, swipes, flares) and freezes (baby, chair, Nike). Personality, individuality and creativity is highly portrayed in this dance.

To take Breakdance classes, see our Breakdance schedule





In Los Angeles, California, Don Campbell, also known as Don Cambellock, originated the dance form "locking." Trying to imitate a local dance called the "funky chicken," Don Campbell added an effect of locking of the joints of his arms and body which became known as his signature dance. He then formed a group named "The Lockers," who all eventually shared in the development of this dance. The steps and moves created by these pioneers were named and cataloged. Some of these include: the lock, points, skeeters, scooby doos, stop n'go, which-away and the fancies. Certain members of The Lockers" incorporated flips, tucks, dives and other aerial moves reminiscent of the legendary Nicholas Brothers. The main structure of the dance combines sharp, linear limb extensions and elastic-like movement.

To take Locking classes, see our Locking schedule



Popping: Drills, Grooves, & Moves

Taught by Jamieson of the Groovy Gentlemen, known as the pioneer who brought popping & locking street dance culture to Vancouver!

Popping is a street dance style that began in the mid-70’s and can only be described as - FUNKY-.

This class will teach you how to DANCE within the style & add your own personality & movement to it.

In this class you will train:

Techniques: Arm pops, Neck pops, Chest pops, Leg pops, Lurching, Footwork & more..

Fundamentals: Twist-o-flex, Egyptian Twist, Toyman Style, Puppet Style, Ticking, Backslide & more!!

Note from Jamieson: “Hey guys! This is NOT a choreography class- this is a class that will train you to think for yourself, and create unique movement out of the foundation of Popping! You don’t need any prior experience to come train- all I need from you is determination, focus, and an open mind to learn how to dance. I’ll work with you on the rest ;) I’m really excited to have this class. See you on the dance floor!"


Click here to watch a video of the style!

To take Poppin' classes, see our Poppin' schedule


tap dance

A very high energy step class that lets your feet play the music. In this class, basic rhythms to tricky steps and choreography are

worked upon. There are many styles of Tap,  from Broadway style to Street Style. 

Click here to watch a video of our Tap classes!

To take Tap classes, see our Tap schedule




This is a fun, graceful and sensual modern version of belly dance. It involves travelling turn and combos, with shimmies, pops, locks and sways. All to the Oriental sounds of Middle Eastern music and popular beats. Excellent workout for the whole body (lots of firming and toning).

To take Belly Dance classes, see our Belly Dance schedule




This class will introduce you to different rhythms of different cultures. From Belly dance to Salsa. Meringue, Bachatta and more.

It's all about the hips.  Really fun class and good workout.

To take Salsa classes, see our Salsa schedule




try 3 classes
Adding the spice, colour and energy of the Indian film industry, SHIAMAK's Bollywood class is enhanced with the elements of jazz and also incorporates rhythms from various cultures.

To take Bollywood classes, see our Bollywood schedule



Avant-garde and rigorous Japanese modern dance that includes world beat aerobics, zen training and other eclectic approaches to moving the body and focussing the mind.

To take Butoh Zen Jazz classes, see our Butoh Zen Jazz schedule



try 3 classesModern Dance Class – Sundays at 10:00 – 11:30 am with Barbara Bourget

Barbara’s class focuses on building a strong dance technique with an emphasis on alignment, agility, and core strength. Exercises are geared to a complete understanding of ‘the moving body’ and are challenging and enjoyable.

To take Modern classes, see our MODERN schedule




House music arose from the ashes of disco in the mid-80's and began as a relatively small faction of club culture at underground functions. The genre of dance that developed is a stylized footwork oriented movement known as "house dancing". While house dancing is highly reminicent of it's early dance predecessors like swing, lindy hop, jazz and tap, it is a genre of dance infused with Latin American and West African cultural influences.

To take house dance classes, see our House Dance schedule